Apple's iTunes update removes the iOS app store

Apple's iTunes update removes the iOS app store

The Apple Pay service is also getting an upgrade, allowing users to make peer-to-peer (P2P) payments through a new iMessage app, with authentication carried out using Touch ID biometrics.

It will have the new option for searching apps.

Changes to the app include the moving of iTunes U content to the Podcasts section, and Internet Radio to your music library sidebar. If the iTunes app is open, your Mac will tell you that the installation can not proceed until you close iTunes.

The update can be downloaded via iTunes' software update feature.

While you were watching new iPhones get introduced at Apple's big reveal on Tuesday, the company quietly revamped its signature desktop app for buying music, movies and TV.

As far as the improvements go, the iOS 11 is likely to have redesigned Control Center and App store, new Messages features, Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, smarter Siri, better camera and photos, and much more.

Apple has taken the wraps off the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system, iOS 11.

In the meantime, enjoy the more streamlined iTunes experience and anticipate the new mobile experience coming to your Apple mobile devices.

None more so than iOS 11.

When opening iTunes 12.7 for the first time, users will be greeted by an update prompt from Apple.

When you launch iTunes 12.7 you'll see a disclaimer about the changes. Once it finishes, there will be no need to restart the Mac computer and users can start using iTunes 12.7 immediately.

What Siri learns on one device will be synced across all devices in iOS 11, but this is still private thanks to end-to-end encryption, Apple says.

A new tab, called "Today" will show apps and stories about developers on a daily basis.