Apple's iPhone price tag has a sting in the tail for suckers

Apple's iPhone price tag has a sting in the tail for suckers

At $999, the new top-of-the range iPhone X will be a luxury status symbol, particularly in faster-growing emerging markets like China and India. All of these also work with the iPhone 8 Plus and most work with older iPhone models, except for wireless charging which is built-in to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Interestingly, only one device can be charged at a time on the charging pad, but through Qi standard, and inductive as well as resonant wireless charging, the charging pad will allow for devices to still be powered up even if they are as far as 1.75 inches away from the charging pad. We're told that this "minimal low-profile design fits perfectly whether you choose to charge at home or the office", while its "360-degree, rubberised, non-slip TPU coating protects and keeps your iPhone properly aligned while charging".

Apple didn't mention the fast charging in its launch event, but it did talk about all kinds of new charging technologies. Apple's branding wizardry, price discipline and focus on richer customers set it apart when it comes to the bottom line. The new iPhone X costs even more at $199. Not an insignificant chunk of change, to be sure.

The mophie wireless charging base is available at, Apple stores worldwide, and on September 20th.

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus goes a step further with Portrait mode and a new feature called Portrait Lighting. In fact, nowadays only the entry-level Android phones, which sell for less than Rs 10,000, come without a high-power charger. Belkin will be facing competition from Mophie, who is also creating a similar charging pad for the new iPhone devices.

You probably won't want to use this 24/7, but it'll save your eyes if you like reading long articles or books on your mobile.

IBD'S TAKE: Apple stock has an IBD Composite Rating of 89, meaning it has outperformed 89% of stocks in key metrics over the past 12 months.

This also makes it a little unfair for the iPhone users. We expect that there will be a few more of you next year.

Apple's brand and market power help explain its superior operating margins, which analysts estimate to be more than 30 percent for handsets.

One way to keep partners, friends and other assorted loved ones happy is to make them feel good about themselves. "Great features solve problems that consumers know they have and the new iPhone just isn't doing that", explains Rothman.

Powermat is the leader and pioneer of the wireless power industry. The rumor says that this new charging case with cost $69.