Samsung Android Oreo Update Would Take Longer Than You Think

Samsung Android Oreo Update Would Take Longer Than You Think

That's a reasonably compact display compared to most smartphones, which means you can comfortably use the phone with one hand, but it's not tiny, and the 720p resolution is enough for fairly crisp visuals.

According to Android Police, previous versions of the YouTube app on Android did not have this feature enabled on other devices. If you are unable to see it on your phone, you should wait for a couple of days as it will take some time to reach out to your device. However, Samsung had already launched its wireless charging stand, which is most definitely superior to the iPhone dongle that Apple offers. This stands for 'broad band anti reflection' and it avoids glare, ghosting and reflections. Just don't get it wet, as unlike some pricier phones the Galaxy J3 (2017) doesn't have any water resistance. The third model, called the Galaxy S9 Mini, could come with a screen size somewhere in the 4-inch range. The phone has same 16GB of storage as that of Galaxy J7 (2016). The update of the YouTube app has been rolled out officially over the globe.

The pinch-to-zoom option is rolling with the latest YouTube for Android update v12.44. The much awaited pinch-to-zoom features to more 18:9 smartphones has been rolled out for Android platforms.

With CES (Consumer Electronic Show) round the corner, we can expect Samsung to make the announcement around that period.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that the seller on Amazon is Samsung, not a third-party. Even Microsoft has mocked both companies and the war between them in a commercial for Windows Phone years ago.

There's a 2,400mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). Although there are minor improvements in that phone's performance, the price difference is still huge.

In a vacuum it would be easy to recommend. As per the Geekbench testing, it scored a single-core score of 656 and multi-core score of 1,852.